DUI was Dismissed, I recommend Matthew Lindholm

Posted by Dan, a DUI client
Well if you are reading this your probably in the same boat I was in not long ago…. ok, after calling and calling numerous lawyers offices without answer, I came across Mr. Lindholm, his office answered right away, and I was scheduled for a meeting the same day, prior to the meeting I didn’t know what to expect, I was at a new personal low, spending the prior night in jail didn’t help either, also the thought that I might be terminated from my job kept cycling through my head as well, at the meeting I was treated with the upmost respect, Mr. Lindholm listened to my case and diligently took notes, he felt I had grounds to fight the DUI, which what I was exactly looking for in an attorney, so I hired him, after leaving his office, some of the burden of the weight was lifted off of my shoulders, even more was lifted when the previously contacted attorneys finally had the time to call back, but before any meeting they were sure to inform me of their fees up front, which made me see what their real priority was, anyways, he let me know what to expect, and always let me know if I needed to appear, or what our next move should be. Mr. Lindholm experience and professionalism shined through during the suppression trial, he left no stone unturned, and his due diligence moved boulders, which led to a dismissal of the case against me, but don’t take my word for it, just meet him, and you will be happy you hired him as well, I hope this review helps someone, because I am more than grateful for what this man did for me, I hope he can do it for you as well