Innocent of Rape and Abuse Allegations

Clive, Dallas County, Iowa.  A Dallas County Jury found GRL Law's client NOT GUILTY of three counts of sexual abuse in the third degree and three counts of domestic abuse assault. 

The charges arose out of a tumultuous marital relationship during which the complaining witness claimed she was repeatedly and consistently raped by her husband.  When charges were not filed soon enough the complaining witness gave her consent for the media to use her name in a Des Moines Register Article criticizing the delays in her case and others.  Charges were filed after that article was published.

GRL Law's client maintained his innocence from day one.  He cooperated with law enforcement.  He voluntarily spoke with law enforcement, answering all questions the detective asked.  When law enforcement needed an additional DNA sample, he voluntarily provided one without requiring a search warrant or court order.  He consistently maintained that any sexual contact with his wife was consensual.  After all, they were married.  DNA evidence and forensic examinations could not rule out consensual sexual contact.
A thorough investigation, cellphone forensics, and a close attention to the law enforcement investigative file, allowed GRL Law to prove our client's innocence.  Currently in Iowa, all that is needed to get an accusation of sexual assault to a jury is just that – an accusation.  So long as the complaining witness testifies that something happened, it is for the jury to decide. All that stood between an innocent man, up to thirty years in prison, and the lifelong label of being a sex offender, was a jury of his peers.  The courageous jury listened attentively as the evidence was presented and made the decision that the evidence required – NOT GUILTY.

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are serious issues in our society.  They are similarly serious accusations that have severe impact on the accused's life, even if a conviction is avoided.  The importance of a thorough, objective investigation and charging decisions by prosecutors cannot be overstated.  Rushes to judgment and fear of negative public sentiment for not prosecuting cases can and do result in innocent people being unjustly prosecuted. Thankfully this Dallas County Jury ensured that justice was ultimately done.