After receiving an OWI 1st & a Felony Bribery charge in April of 2015 I knew it was going to take the help of a Shark to get me back on the right side of the law. I consulted a friend of mine that's the police cheif of the small town that I'm from. He highly recommended Matt Lindholm as he knew he was highly respected & feared (in a good way) by the local county attorneys that had had dealings with him. To say my friend was right would be an extreme understatement. Matt was (is) an absolute professional in every degree of the term. Long story short, after watching Matt grill my arresting officer for just over 2 hours straight during depositions; picking apart every lie the officer could fabricate; exposing every hole possible; the County Attorney thought it'd be a good idea to offer a Reckless Driving & an Interference with Official Acts Plea Deal. I never lost my lisence, nor spent a second in jail. Only had to pay a couple fines & moved on with my life. I am forever greatful for Matt & everyone over at GRL Law for helping me through the mess of the legal process.